1. itscrooklin:

    My bro bro @juniatofsb #SXSW14 (at SXSW - TEXAS)



  3. Gladys Knights Chicken and Waffles. #atl

  4. Been a big @CannibalOx fan from time. Blessed to meet the humble brova @vastaire

  5. The homie @mintyburns spotted in #ATL #smokerclub

  6. The homie @young_guru dropping jewels. #A3C

  7. #atlanta we here. W/ @addypapa @richkiddbeats @crooklin @vscp7 @jellytoofly @hungree_mon

  8. Breakfast of champions #416

  9. Dope review of the new video for “You & I” via @earmilkdotcom